[ Transmit Receive Organiser using a PIC ]

it's all in the timing ...

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As reviewed in August 2012 Radcom

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Stop giving your relays a hard time  - switch 'em first!  ..... Worried about blowing your receiver up? - isolate it first! ....Worried about valve damage if bias fails? - interlock it!

TROPIC circuit diagram


Five buffered sequenced output lines
Two buffered interlock inputs
Two modes: Alarm and fallback, or hold for interlock
Interlocks constantly scanned - useful for SWR fault, bias failure etc.
Dual PTT - PTT and enable (or use as third interlock input)
AC output for alarm sounder and separate steady level on fail.
4 selectable sequence rates: 25ms, 50ms, 100ms, 200ms

Test Jig




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