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Plus-Kits  from S9Plus

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."   - Thomas A. Edison

"I'm half way there then..." - GW4GTE

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A message from Eric GW8LJJ regarding future orders (December 2016):

"Judging by the number of enquiries I still receive, homebrew is far from dead. I am happy to continue to support the kits as far as possible, but some key parts are now obsolete and it's only a matter of time before all supply channels are exhausted. Before you order anything please email me to check availability and pricing."

Contact Eric [email]


  Multi-Rock II Released 29th March 2012 DDS based alternative to Multi-Rock I with lots more features. Incorporating pre-built DDS daughter board so no hard-to-solder smd worries!  
  FAT5 A 50W+ Class E solid-state AM transmitter  that you can lift with one hand!  Companion transmitter to RAT5 receiver.  
  TROPIC Released Jan 2012. A (T)ransmit (R)eceive (O)rganiser using a (PIC). Don't blow your receiver up - sequence your changeover properly!  
  RAT5 A simple AM only receiver for 80m or 160m that does the job. Low cost, easy to build. Companion receiver to the FAT5 transmitter. As published in 'Signal', May 2010.  
CLARA Designer approved UK version of VK3BHR's excellent low cost L C Meter
using redesigned PCB layout.

PUlse Width Modulator Assembly. High efficiency modulator for solid state AM.
This will handle powers to 400W PEP. Full kit or PCBs only


Netometer II

Netometer I update. Includes a centre-zero meter as well as LEDs for error display, and an improved input circuit. As published in 'Signal' February 2010.  
  Netometer I This kit is now retired.  A small battery powered device to indicate frequency error by means of LEDs in a centre-zero format. Aimed at users of vintage LF transmitters with maverick VFOs or maverick operators.  As published in 'Signal' January 2008.  
  Multi-Rock This kit is now retired.  A novel stabilised drive source for 80m/160m. Part of the FAT5 project.  As published in 'Signal', October 2009.