Multi-Rock II  

Don't pay a fortune for crystals - dial up your own!

PIC controlled programmable oscillator compatible with FAT5 and RAT5

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Download Rev 1.1b of the full manual  [here] (July 2012)

Multi-Rock II is a DDS controlled frequency source for
use in FAT5, RAT5 or general purpose experimentation
Basic Features (tbc)
Frequency range :  10kHz  - 60MHz
Outputs : bi-phase 600mV p-p sine wave
and 5V p-p square wave
Memories : 48
Tuning rate : 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10kHz or 100kHz selectable
Receive Features
Osc : Settable IF offset
x2 and x4 multiplier (SDR)
Display : Settable Display offset
Transmit Features
Osc : x2 and x4 multiplier
PTT Control : Two pre-tx sequenced outputs with
settable delay 0-150ms
Per Channel
Two pre-settable independant control outputs
for external switching e.g. antenna / pre-amp etc
Other features include setting of number of memories available, set start memory, set start tuning rate and frequency calibration. Most parameters can be set globally then modified per channel as required.

The project includes an AD9850 DDS chip pre-mounted on its own daughter PCB so you don't have to worry about miniature SMD soldering

The PCB set is shown below. This is a two board design. The top half of the image is the vertically mounted display board onto which the LCD display and the two rotary switches are mounted. The PCB is simply held in position in an enclosure by the threads on the two switches. The lower half of the image is the second PCB which sits horizontally. The two boards are connected together by right angle terminal strips. This lower board contains the PIC processor and the DDS module along with the 5V regulator. There are very few small components to mount, and zero wiring is involved.



Above: How GW8LJJ uses the TROPIC feature for transceiver control
 (click image to download)