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A Solid State Class E Series modulated AM Transmitter

Hernia-free AM for the thermionically impoverished

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2017- additional FAT5 info here  and here

Modulator  manual (version 1.0.1)     (incl. FAT-MAX info) 
RF_PA  manual (version 1.0.0)   Multi-Rock manual (version 1.1.2)

2013 - Multi-Rock II replaces Multi-Rock as preferred signal source

The FAT5 project comprises several kits. All kits are available separately. To build the FAT5 RF section you will need the RF PA kit, and if you are not providing your own oscillator source, the Multi-Rock kit as well. There is a choice of two modulator kits using either the TDA2050 or the LM3886 audio amplifier ICs. If you are not providing your own processed/tailored audio source you will also need the FAT-MAX audio processor kit.

For a more detailed introduction click on the four links below. Complete information is contained in the manuals you can download at the top of this page.

 [RF PA]     [FAT-MAX Audio Processor]     [Modulator/PSU]     [Multi-Rock II]  

Steve GW1XVC's excellent FAT-RAT build [more pics]

click for processor circuitryClick for RF section circuitsClick for Multi-rock pagesclick for Modulator circuits
[Click on the part of the diagram you wish to see]

LM3886 modulator PCB. FAT-MAX Processor PCB

TDA2050 modulator PCB

Examples of using S9plus modules to make a complete transceiver (click to download) :

Above - using PUWMA PWM

Above - using analogue series mod.

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