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Universal FAT5 RF PA kit

We now (as of Aug 2012) have available the universal FAT5 RF PA PCB assembly. This differs from the previous version (which is now only available on special order) in that the single PCB will suffice for three bands, 160m, 80m and 40m. Adding 40m required a second FET driver chip per side which is now included in the parts list. The PCB also incorporates a divide by two chip to create symmetrical drive from a 2Fc signal source such as the Multi-Rock II.

More details to follow including amended manual

Universal RF PA kit                                            PCB detail

Kits for the Universal RF-PA are available now . See the kits page.

Downloads:     RF-PA (full manual) (previous RF PA)

Original RF PA kit (now only available on special order)


FAT5 50W RF section using Multi-Rock signal source (click image to enlarge in new window)

PCB layout for RF PA (click image to enlarge in new window)

25th June
 Pictures of test setup for PA board:
This works nicely at 50W carrier, and 85% efficiency (around 13.5V on FETs)

Overview of test setup. Black box is freq source. Small aluminium box just contains a 74HC74 divider
(Freq source and 74HC74 divider replaces Multi-Rock in this test setup)


PA test module. PCB mounted on small chassis with toroidal transformer



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